WE THE WOMEN of our past, the women of our present, the women of our future. Is she the woman of all women? She moves with slow confidence, she is broken… she is crushed, shattered into so many pieces. She who has been miscounted, has been miscalculated, taken for granted without measure. WE THE WOMEN break, we pull it together… the last bit of sanity, the last hope, the last bit of faith, even turn lemons into lemonade, while throwing shade — to she who may appear stronger than her. She who is confident, reaching back to uplift her sister, go to war for her sister, reach deep and climb high mountains for her sister… WE THE WOMEN stand strong together, no other power is greater, WE THE WOMEN stand tall with beauty from our ancestors, command their attention, demand our presence, the price is too high, too low to discount, too vibrant to be unseen. WE THE WOMEN, the source of human, the giver of life, the arch in their backs, the love we all lack… WE THE WOMEN, never lose sight, so courageous, so beautiful, NEVER forget how POWERFUL she is… WE THE WOMEN… We are the FUTURE.

Author: Kimbella Jackson

Artist: Kelsie Jackson