An entrepreneur, motivator, proud feminist and unshakable optimist, who is dedicated to helping and inspiring others through transparent discussions to promote change, positivity and healing.  I am a Virginia native raised in North Carolina with a southern charm that followed me to the District of Columbia.  Growing up, I always had a powerful voice and wanted to spread the good news, earning me the family nickname, W-K-I-M News.  While earning a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on policy and compliance programs, my passion is public service.  When asked by my mentor what my goal and motivation was, my answer was simply, to change the world for all human life in destitute of safety, unity and equality.

Her Power Over Voice Podcast is a platform designed to open mindsets, promote positivity and push individuals to be the best versions of themselves, while being informative and entertaining!

What sets my soul on fire are: cooking, traveling, women empowerment, learning something new, seeing someone inspired and spending time with my family.

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