Episode 3: All About Us

Happy Sunday Beautiful People! We are at the end of #BlackHistoryMonth I wanted to do a short Sunday Special Celebration episode to highlight this special month and a lot of special people who contributed to our culture!  Also a fun Game of Favorites included…letting you in on a little about MY favorites. Enjoy! Feel free to LIKE & SHARE!

Episode 2-Part 2: Love vs. Situationships

Tonight we dissect Situationships and pitfalls to avoid!! Let’s Go!!!! Feel free to comment, like and share! We want to hear your experiences.

Episode 2-Part 1: Love vs. Situationships

You are in for some good conversation guys! We talk about love, Valentine’s Day, what you look for in a partner, trust, marriage, communication with hot topics that include #TyreseGibson and #wendywilliams … Enjoy and Stay tuned for Part 2 dropping soon! If you like hit LIKE AND SHARE! Thank you to my lovely guests L DeWalt Καψ and Katharine Evans

Episode 1-Part 2: Her Power

Join us tonight to discuss topics from the “Bowl of Truth”, the Inauguration Celebration and to WIN some beautiful prizes! Thank you for all the support and everyone who listened to Part 1! We appreciate you! Enjoy!!